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David D. Hoff

Placerville (Sly Park), CA



SOLAR FACTORY POOL PRODUCTS, Inc - Nov 1999 - Present (Inventor/President/CEO) - Folsom CA
· PHP/MySQL Web Developer - Ecommerce & Database Design utilizing: ADOBE CS 5.5 MASTER SUITE (Dreamweaver), Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP), CURL, Perl, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, XML, Joomla & Virtuemart Customization, Widget creation, Systems Admin. Graphics design includes Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash; 3D design using Solidworks/Autodesk/Carrera 6; Video production/editing product promotions.- (LINUX)

Here is a quick overview of the WEB DEVELOPMENT history:

MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOC OF CALIF - Jun 2004-2005 (Contract) - San Francisco CA
· Website Tech Support and Php/Perl/MySQL Developer - MySQL Database maintenance, Apache, Perl CGI scripting, Javascript, PHP scripting - (LINUX)

APPLE COMPUTER Nov 2001 - May 2002 (Perm), Folsom, CA
· Sr. ORACLE 9i/8i DBA - Systems Implementation/Management of Oracle 8i/9i databases, PL/SQL Scripting, OEM, RMAN in a fast pace Java/Apple WOE 5.1 environment. - (SUN, Win2000)

CA DEPT PESTICIDE REGULATION Nov 2000 - Jan 2001 (Contract), Sacramento, CA
· Sr. ORACLE 8i DBA / ORACLE DATA WAREHOUSE / SNAPSHOT REPLICATION / ENTERPRISE MANAGER / RMAN (SUN) - Contracted to restructure multiple warehouse databases consolidating data according to access and data administration criteria. Implemented snapshots to secondary host to separate "adhoc" query overhead by department users from data administration overhead. Implemented Enterprise Manager functionality and RMAN backup and recovery technologies.

XUMA.COM Dec 1999 - May 2000 (Contract), San Francisco, CA
· Sr. ORACLE 8i DBA / ORACLE APPLICATION SERVER/ ENTERPRISE MANAGER / RMAN / PLSQL / VERITAS CLUSTER SERVER/ APACHE SERVER / INTERSHOP/ ATG DYNAMO / SQL-STATION (SUN, NT) Fast paced startup - Acted as temporary manager of database group to train and organize several other DBA's. Goal for Xuma was to enable company to build and host client sites in such a way that xuma could support hundreds of clients. To this end I developed a method for quick Oracle software and database installation of new client hosts machines in addition to all the customary database responsiblities.

MORE.COM Sep 1999 - Dec 1999 (Contract), San Francisco, CA
· Sr. ORACLE 8i DBA / ORACLE WAREHOUSE BUILDER / FINANCIALS 11.0.3 / ORACLE WEB SERVER / VERITAS CLUSTER SERVER / ENTERPRISE MANAGER / SNAPSHOT REPLICATION / RMAN / PLSQL / APACHE SERVER / PHP - (SUN, LINUX, NT) - Fast pace STARTUP performed all duties associated with installing, configuring, tuning, capacity planning, maintenance, and backup recovery with RMAN in Oracle8 and Oracle8i databases.

SOLAR FACTORY POOL PRODUCTS Nov 1998 - 1999, Phoenix, AZ
· WEB DEVELOPER / SHOPPING CART JAVASCRIPT PROGRAMMER - (NT) - In 1989 I invented a product to roll swimming pool covers and received the patent for the invention in 1996. This year I endeavored to produce a small test market inventory and market the product on the web via the self-service shopping cart solution.

CITY OF TEMPE Aug 1998 - Nov 1998 (Contract), Tempe, AZ
· Sr. ORACLE 8 DBA / PEOPLESOFT FIN/HR 5, 6 & 7 with 3-Tier TUXEDO TP Monitor - (HP) Supporting the HR 7 implementation, and FIN upgrade 5 to 6. Setup and tuned HP DataServers, fully automated backup and recovery processes, and supported developers.

THE DIAL CORP May 1998 - Aug 1998 (Contract), Scottdale, AZ
· Sr. ORACLE 8 DBA / ORACLE APPS ADMIN / CPG ADMIN - (HP) Supporting Oracle CPG 2.3 Installation. Project required expanded DBA role to include apps installation of FINANCIALS, GEMMS, IMI System ESS, and MANUGISTICS integration under the Oracle CPG (Consumer Products Group) layer. Also supported implementing system-wide database HOT/COLD backup and recovery strategies across 6 HP servers utilizing personally developed scripts enhanced for HOT media recovery.

SOLECTRON Jan 1998 - Apr 1998 (Contract), San Jose CA
· Sr. ORACLE 8 DBA / PEOPLESOFT HR 6 - (HP) Supporting the HR "PEOPLESOFT" implementation. Setup and tuned HP DataServers, including fully automated backup and recovery processes. Unique Backup process ensures resource availability by utilizing personally developed companion scripts that allow operations to recover from almost any database disaster. Also performed DB tuning and sizing to ensure future growth, other HP system admin functions, and server Disaster Recovery training.

MOTOROLA COMPUTER GROUP Sep 1997 - Dec 1997 (Contract), Phoenix AZ
· Sr. ORACLE 8 DBA - (AIX) Supporting 21 Oracle Databases including "FINANCIALS", and "CLARIFY". Responsible for backup/recovery, performance monitoring, growth and tuning, implementing new, high impact features of 7.3 Database Management, installation and tailoring of database system software and management tools, evaluation/development/enforcement of security, and providing appropriate consulting support for database activities in all areas.

STREAM INTERNATIONAL May 1997 - Aug 1997 (Contract), Fremont CA
· Sr. ORACLE DBA - (SUN) Recalled back to Stream to support further Oracle Administration needs. Installed and setup the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to assist in monitoring and maintaining various distributed databases with the goal of monitoring all North America systems. Part of the setup required installing the Intelligent Agents on Database Host systems. Also provided DBA integration testing assistance for the new Hydra Workflow Application going into production and resolved various current configuration problems associated with running dual versions of Oracle Server (7.1 and 7.3) on single host.

MDL INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. Feb 1997 - Apr 1997 (Contract), San Leandro CA
· Sr. ORACLE 8 DBA - (DEC VAX, DEC Alpha, SGI, HP, AIX) Short term contract to implement database Backup/Recovery Strategies for ORACLE and SYBASE; performed database creation of 14 databases for an onsite Oracle DBA course being given and create several additional databases; performed performance tuning and troubleshooting for various test and production systems; installed Oracle 7.3 on the SGI platform; install and setup Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for to monitor a variety of platforms such as SGI, DEC Alpha, DEC VAX, RS6000 hosting various versions of Oracle7 including 7.3 and SYBASE/11 databases (over 30 databases total). This company also had the Beta 1 version of Oracle8.

STREAM INTERNATIONAL Jan 1997 - Feb 1997 (Contract), Fremont CA
· Sr. ORACLE DBA - (SUN) Short term contract to setup HOT BACKUPS for new system at Fremont CA, and the Provo, UT locations. Also performed tuning across 7 separate databases, generated a new test database, performed user export/imports to reorg and load data to a new schema owner, and performed a production datafile recovery remotely fromPhoenix.

HEALTH DELIVERY SYSTEMS Jul 1996 - Oct 1996 (Contract), Scottsdale AZ
· Sr. ORACLE DBA - (SUN, HP, AIX, SEQUENT) Sole DBA supporting 14 production and 7 test databases across several platforms such as Solaris 2.4, HP-UX 10, Sequent, and AIX. HDS had operated the past 2 years without a DBA and while there HDS also lost their UNIX System Administrator. DBA work entailed immediate consideration for tuning databases, ensuring data capacity, reviewing and ensuring data recovery, version leveling, etc. Also prepared new Sun 1000e to rehost (and upgrade to 7.2.3 to fix memory leak problem) the worst case database off a SunStation 10 which required: full network setup with NIS+; Configuring the UNIX system /etc. configuration settings; setting up the users and proper environment variables; transferring data; recreating the database with proper tuning and datafile sizes utilizing the export/import utility.

STATE OF ARIZONA DEPT of EVIRONMENTAL QUALITY Jan 1996 - Jul 1996 (Contract), Phoenix AZ
· Sr. ORACLE DBA - (SUN) Sole DBA supporting Oracle 6 and Oracle 7 databases platformed on SUN/OS and SOLARIS 2.4. Duties required full DBA support and UNIX assistance. Spent many hours with Oracle Support Line resolving problems. Installed, migrated, and upgraded various databases to and 7.3 levels. Also installed and supported Oracle Designer 2000 repository and client software tools. In addition, performed several full (point-in-time) recovery operations due to media hardware failures
.· Training - Formal Oracle courses: Oracle DBA I & II (Architecture, Utilities, DB creation, storage, security, recovery, MTS, Parallel server/query, auditing, resources, constraints, locks...); Oracle Performance and Tuning (Monitoring database performance, Memory structures, data storage and fragmentation, tuning the SGA and memory buffers, tuning I/O, and tuning queries).

ALLIED SIGNAL CORP. Apr 1995 - Oct 1995 (Contract), Phoenix AZ
· ORACLE DBA - (HP) Designed, created, and tuned several Oracle7 databases on the HP-UX platform utilizing the Erwin CASE Tool; then performed data loads using ORACLE SQL Loader utility. Evaluated and made recommendations on CASE Tools: Erwin, and S-Designor. · Sr. DB2 DBA - Reverse engineered several production databases into Erwin Data Models; calculated proper data capacity configuration settings; then forward engineered (re-engineered DDL) Database Creation and database loads utilizing Platinum tools and utilities.

KAISER PERMANENTE Mar 1994 - Oct 1994 (Contract), Walnut Creek CA
· Sr. DB2 DBA - (IBM) Designed and created DB2 table, index, and constraint specifications. Examined PLAN_TABLES for performance issues. - Designed and created DB2 objects using batch DDL; executed various DB2 utilities such as RUNSTATS, LOAD, COPY, RECOVER, STOSPACE; and examined PLAN_TABLES for query performance issues. Gained exposure to IEF BAA Data Modeling and IEF TD tools. Performed data analysis of erroneous DB2 data by creating/loading temporary work tables from SQL queries, then using SPUFI and QMF to query and produce reports.

BEAR CREEK CORPORATION - Harry's & David's . Sep 1992 - Nov 1993 (Contract), Medford OR
· DB2 DBA - (IBM) Performed various Database Administration duties such as creating database objects, storage monitoring, Runstats and Stospace execution, Accounting Report performance analysis, Table Loads and Unloads, and Backup and Recovery of Tablespaces and Indexes, etc. Utilized BACHMAN/DBA CASE tool to assist analysis of the large scale IMS to DB2 data conversions of three separate Bear Creek mail order companies.

STATE OF CALIFORNIA EDD Nov 1991 - May 1992 (Contract), Sacramento CA
· IDMS Database Conversion - (IBM) Performed Large scale Database Conversion of the existing VSAM based system to a new IDMS Database based system for generating notices for the State of California Employment Development Department.

BANK OF AMERICA May 1988 - Jul 1989 (Perm), Concord CA
· VSAM, OS/2 DBA - (IBM) Provided DASD Performance and Tuning, Capacity Planning, backup/recovery and Production Support for IBM Mainframe and Client-Server systems and analysis and system support for of IBM Mainframe and OS/2 Client-Server systems. Also supported CICS File Table Gens. · Training - Attended CICS Internals, CICS Performance and Tuning, OS/2 Datamanager, and Token-Ring courseware to support implementation of the Teller Automated Workstation (TAW) Client-Server (OS/2) project installed at bank branches within Northern California. · Special Duties - Researched and authored "Recovery Concepts andProcedures Guide" to support the TAW (OS/2) Client-server project.

COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION Nov 1986 - May 1988 (Perm), Sacramento CA
· DATACOM/DB and IDMS DBA - (IBM) Performed on-site DBA support at McClellan AFB in coordination with staff located Dayton Ohio headquarters supporting large-scale IBM Stock Control and Distribution system (SCD). DBA Duties required assisting support of DATACOM and IDMS database installs, database and application downloads, performance monitoring using LOOK monitor, and backup/recovery; installation of the IBM Mainframe hardware and systems generation; LAN hardware and workstation emulation setup; 7171 and 3274 micro load and communications connectivity; VTAM install and LU address setup; CICS 1.7, and travel to the home office and other ALC sites.

COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION Nov 1984 - Nov 1986 (Perm), San Diego CA
· VAX DBMS - (DEC) Large scale redesign and modernization of multiple existing Naval computer systems into a single integrated VAX DBMS Database. This project was highly professional in its approach utilizing the Systems Development Process very effectively. Extensive Database, coding, and testing skills required.

NAVAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS SUPPORT Jan 1984 - Nov 1984 (Perm), San Diego CA
· COBOL P/A - Developed applications, and performed SYSTEMS SUPPORT for backup and recovery processes and procedures, systems monitoring, and operations schedules.

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